*Today was like watching a very suspenseful novel with a happy ending… It was fingernail biting time all throughout your very interesting summation about the market…my eyes were glued to the monitor, waiting and watching with baited breath…right on Brandt”

“I ended up bailing on my SPY calls near the end of the day today locking in just under a 50% profit in 4 days for a total of about $25K.  That trade, combined with your call for a leg down last week on which I used puts ended up netting something like $42K in […]

“You are really onto something special with 3C Brandt, I am amazed and so very grateful for your first-class analysis and incredible hard work you put into it. I have been trading for 15 years or so and have never felt more confident and knowledgeable about what’s really going in the markets.  The degree of lies and […]

*Great update. What I love the most so far is your ability to see the market with open eyes and not a bull or bear tint. The charts and your indicators are what they are (either bullish or bearish) and I like that you keep both possibilities open when looking at what might happen next.”

“3C is Amazing….and you’re a genius!  My faith in 3C is solidified as never before.  Your analysis has once again been superb but especially so in this incredible chop! “

‘There isn’t a website on the internet that gives you more bang for the buck than yours.”