What Members Are Saying

*There isn’t a website on the internet that gives you more bang for the buck than yours.”

“3C is Amazing….and you’re a genius!  My faith in 3C is solidified as never before.  Your analysis has once again been superb but especially so in this incredible chop! “

*Great update. What I love the most so far is your ability to see the market with open eyes and not a bull or bear tint. The charts and your indicators are what they are (either bullish or bearish) and I like that you keep both possibilities open when looking at what might happen next.”

“You are really onto something special with 3C Brandt, I am amazed and so very grateful for your first-class analysis and incredible hard work you put into it. I have been trading for 15 years or so and have never felt more confident and knowledgeable about what’s really going in the markets.  The degree of lies and bs fed to the sheep is stunning!  It is a pleasure and an honor and a true LEARNING experience being in your Wolf Pack. “

“I ended up bailing on my SPY calls near the end of the day today locking in just under a 50% profit in 4 days for a total of about $25K.  That trade, combined with your call for a leg down last week on which I used puts ended up netting something like $42K in less than 2 weeks.  Now THATs being a Wolf on Wall Street thanks to you! Anyway, I just wanted to offer my support and let you know that you’re really, truly, helping my insights into the inner workings of this messed up market but that instead of being a victim and complaining about it, I’m using that knowledge.  I cannot thank you enough for the peace of mind alone this brings.”

*Today was like watching a very suspenseful novel with a happy ending… It was fingernail biting time all throughout your very interesting summation about the market…my eyes were glued to the monitor, waiting and watching with baited breath…right on Brandt”

*Brandt,  Amazing. The 3C indicator and your analysis of the bear traps. You need to keep 3C as a secrete weapon. It is amazing. Thanks.” 

*I.T.S.      U.N.B.E.L.I.E.V.A.B.L.E…!!!!!! Thanks to you because you made me make good money this week.”

“I know you preach risk control, but this indicator over the last month has made some amazing calls.  In the past I’d be in cash waiting out the volatility; instead I’ve been able to trade this yo-yo market.  Tip of the hat to you and your service.”

“Hi Brandt…genius today my friend. Thank you!…Was short and long S&P today and profitable each way . Usually I only trade it from the short side as my macro bias favours that play. However, thanks to you, I feel confidence in engaging the long side. “

*On point..

Dude you are the man!!! I need ur brain cells period…Keep them posts coming.”

* I read the bigger picture and find it facinating. My dad always told me the market was completely manipulated, but I never beleived him.  I am starting to.  I lost my confidence in trading, but promised myself that I will find a way to make it work.  And it seems with your help, I will.”

*Many thanks the last few days for your excellent indications.  We’re traveling on vacation so I don’t have a lot of time to spend in front of the computer but with your calls for the bounce, I was able to unwind my shorts and reposition for some nifty intra-day profits on SPY calls.  Your forecast yesterday for a pullback got me out of the trade $1.1K positive and good thing to with the gap-down open!  Today, during lunch, coming in from the beach, your mention of the pocket coinciding with a mini trend of +ADX>25 on the 1 min chart let me net another $900 on something like a 30 min position, again in SPY calls.  I’m sitting out now because I don’t like the looks of the 10 min and 15 min charts conflicting so its too dangerous with options, but then as you say – thats our advantage, we don’t have to be in all the time, we can let the trade come to us.

“I only wrote because I wanted you to know I do use your forecasts and despite my busy and hectic work/life, your emails keep my finger on the pulse of the market.  Great job and please keep up the great work!”

*Hi Brandt, My account is up 8% in the last two weeks thanks in good part to your fine work. P. S.:  I appreciate your detailed posts but I fear you are working too hard.  I would like to keep you healthy and active long term.”

*Nice going this week. This week has also been great for me aswell. Just today a 23% portfolio gain. Great job.. have a super weekend. thx for the help and teachings this week.”

“Brandt, Fantastic analysis you put together my friend!  I’ve been checking my email looking for it since you teased us Friday that it was coming and was glad to be able to take the time to read it over on a quiet Saturday evening. Again, THANK YOU for a most informative and excellent analysis.”

*I enjoyed your post very much….extremely enlightening and intriguing!Thanks so much for your hard work!!”

“I respect you so much .. I have 11 years of trading experience and have NEVER met a person like you ..! Thanks for everything you do for me”

*Thank you Brandt for the update. The work/analysis you do is of extraordinary quality. As you know, I trade from the New Zealand time zone and I really appreciate your making updates/market wraps/market forecasts ahead of the night time trade ahead. So, your writing the update, is SO helpful for me getting ready for the London open …thank you again”

*Hi Brandt…crawled from my sick bed to observe events and read WOWS…awesome calls!! You have this market on a string!!”

“Brandt, up huge now!. Thanks”

I thank God for allowing me to meet you,

 I thank God to help us win,

 I thank God to help others,

 I thank god I feel good…

thank god”

“I’m so glad I found your website. Your website is eye opener. I feel like Neo in the Matrix after taking the red pill and seeing what really happens underneath the surface. ”

*Dude your freaking amazing. The last two weeks your just on the ball man. I dont know how you post so fast and still are able to do your own thing and do the research, unreal.. anyways thanks for the updates great week. love the short term long term outlooks.

*Brandt once again I cannot thank you enough for all your help and patience. Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you can relax a little. You do such a spectacular job of keeping all of us up to date each day on the market and our trades. By Friday it has to have taken a major toll on you. Again enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you Monday.”

*I think what attracts me to your trading technique is your expanding thinking process. I profess envy. I think the spirit upstairs give us all different abilities and it’s up to us to integrate our individual talents with others into a cooperative stew of many ingridients and superb possibilities.”

*Thanks for the encouragement.  I appreciate your time in trying to help us all be better traders.

“Good work Brandt!!  Thanks for caring!!  You really have made a great difference in my life…not necessarily for the $$ (but this part is nice too, don’t get me wrong) but more so for your exemplary caring, wisdom and strength.. I’m honored to be in the presence of such kindness and generosity of time and knowledge.  Thank you”

“You are a very good at what you do and I’m very lucky to know you..!”

*Hi Brandt,

Thanks for the early warning on FAS picked them up practically at day’s low and what a nice surprise.”

*Hi Brandt After yesterday’s 3c signal on fomc I also bought 5 puts on spy and just cashed out for 90% profit.”

*Hey great call on the SPY!!!!!!… after reviewing what you had said I found it to be very logical.  I set up an Iron Condor 127/128 and monitored all day. Came close to the lower limit but still far from break even!! You just made me a cool $1000. Have a great weekend Brandt!!!”

*Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!  I have been trading for over 20 years and you have enhanced my trading by far more than any other teacher!!!! ”

“Absolutely an amazing call on the closing price!!!!!!!  Well done mate……..you never cease to impress us!!!  Turbo-Kudos!!!!”

3c does it again-As soon as you posted the 3c’s going to FOMC I exited my longs.

“I have always considered myself a good trader with certain flaws that I need to correct.  I see a definite improvement with your tutelage. ”

“Thanks to your 3c analysis, I banked 70% on SPY calls bought from yesterday’s lows to today’s high. Dumped them right at the last move up before the close.”

“like clockwork-

Hi Brandt, Thanks for the market updates, wanted to let you know that the tricks wall st. plays on retail really works as I’ve been on many sites and everyone practically fell for it and went short. ”

“For the first time in a long time, I can finally say I’m up in my account, thanks for all of your help”

“Thank-you so much once again for your teaching……….”

” I was down 40% on my account and had big circles under my eyes.  I am proud to say that I have come all the way back up that steep ladder and am now up 10%!!!!!”

* I just like to say thank you for everything.  Wolf on wall street is such a fantastic site.  The 3C program is amazing, I day traded FAS going long few times all day.  Having a confidence that the market will get a bounce kept me into the FAS trade and I made killing $$$ because of 3C. ”

“Hi Brandt,
I just want to say thank you man !!! you are awsome !!! Today I made 2K. That was great. The  first time I feel I can beat Wall Street.”

“Hi Brandt – I’m reading your blog and it’s amazing.  I wish you’d get published in Barrons.”

“Wow – excellent.  This is powerful stuff.  I would love to see your work more widely appreciated! ”

“If I do end up being a trader, you will have contributed to any success I may have.”

“Your site is a brilliant site, superb analysis.”

“Once again, I thank you for your encouragement during a quite difficult time.

That was more valuable for me than any technical knowhow or other support.

I have also picked up good info and good reinforcement of basic concepts from you.”

“Your style of trading i.e. taking a position with respect to your market evaluation is quite radical and as you, again, often repeat must be risk-managed carefully and perhaps nimbly. Not everyone will have the skills or understanding or temperment to be able to pull it off. Plus, follow along-my-trades is NOT the type of service you are providing”

“It takes courage to be out there doing what you’re doing. If people can take some value out of it, they should do so. If not, it cannot be helped. Your work is honest and transparent. If someone wants a follow-along guru, there seem to be plenty of those as well, and they should move on (I do not disparage it).”

*I never saw anything where you said do this or do that specifically (except to reinforce risk management and position sizing issues in a most kindly and untiring fashion) nor did I read any claims of perfection… Not likely, but hell you could even be wrong about your major predictions. After all, you are making a forecast about the future based on the CURRENTLY available data. I am sure that like any good scientist, you’d be the first to revise your hypothesis if data does not verify it. That’s all that can be asked”

“A friend of mine told me that if Wall Street knows about your 3C’s, they will try to close that gap by manipulating the data. I would recommend to keep it to a limited audience.”

*Man, keep doing what you are doing. You are doing great job.”

“You did an excellent job! I mean that. You are a very good teacher. Thank you!”

*I am enjoying your WOWs site. Thank you for your hard work.”

“I’m really impressed with your 3C indicator and the fact that you post insights that viewers can look back on and watch your performance shows that you stand by your words.”

“Brandt…I want to commend you for doing such an excellent job with your WOW site you have done a 1st class job. Give yourself a “pat on the back” you truly deserve it.”

“Dear Brandt,  Though I do not understand  how you can give so much of your time and expertise quite generously,I am certainly grateful ”

“Well, it is the rare occasion where I believe I am getting more value than I expected to get regardless of payment. I have no expectations regarding gods and gurus, so no problem there. I know it is my responsibility, my decision, my loss or gain; but it is priceless”

“Reading through your market evaluation- and I’ll probably read it ten more times”

“Looks like part of your calling is teaching and enabling others. I find the ability to grant “permission” and “encouragement” to others to be a rare and precious virtue, and I believe for the recipient, it is a lot more important than the content. Keep up the good work as long as you can…”

*Hi Brandt, I’m officially on board and look forward to your insights.  Thanks for all you do.”


*Hi Brandt, Your recent posts on Trade Guild have been insightful and helpful. Because of that, I decided to subscribe to Wolf on Wall Street.”

*Your predictions for today were on the nose. Awesome job my friend.”

*Hi Brandt, Great charts and explanation. I like your way to teach people how to fish. 🙂

Hopefully, one day I can work with you on this.”

*Last night’s mail sounded like you had to do a critical evaluation and the options you needed to think about probably weren’t all that pleasant to consider. For what it’s worth, this wannabe trader says, “Good analysis and strategy  as usual” considering it went against your theoretical investment and view of the market, “double good” and responsibly timely…”

“Good post last night on Trade Guild. Your indicators are like you have someone planted in “the closed door back room” where the market makers meet.”

“Again great job last night on Trade Guild. All the non WOWS should be clicking your donate button in appreciation after all that you shared with them last night. They may find out in a few days that last night’s post was like finding a winning lottery ticket.”

“Hey Brandt, beautiful stuff!  Say, if you don’t take the victory lap, no one will for you.  Very appropriate.  Many good things and prosperity will be in your life before you know it – you have my word on that!”


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