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I’d like to familiarize you with Wolf on Wall Street by giving you an overview of what our intentions and experience has been. I personally have been involved in the equities market for nearly 2 decades; in that time I’ve published my discoveries, concepts and ideas on a regular basis for almost 20 years now, all with the intention of better understanding a market that didn’t quite make sense according to the Technical Analysis dogma that has been published for nearly a century and to help others with the discoveries that have been made; to level the playing field so to speak.

In trading full time exclusively for a living, I’ve learned a lot about mass psychology of the markets and a lot about myself including why it’s so important to share my growth with others. I believe investing and trading are a spiritual experience, more so than some of the more conventional spiritual avenues. I’ve found understanding who you are, uncovering your weaknesses and strengths and continuously growing is an essential part of successful investing/trading. It’s either grow or die in the markets, but if you don’t understand what you are really seeing in the market or what you’re missing, you don’t have the edge needed to not only survive, but to thrive.

It has been my life focus to see what the crowd has missed and in so doing I have won 6 awards for custom/proprietary indicators, concepts and risk management. I’ve designed these indicators to give you a whole new perspective of how the market functions. These new insights were difficult for me to believe at first, as I’m sure you will feel the same. Many of the Technical Analysis concepts that have been taught and utilized for years have been used against technical traders. We’ve uncovered concepts that work in any timeframe, any asset class and just about any type of trading whether you’re an FX day trader, a long term equity investor or anything in between. Some might call what we do, “Market Timing”, it might be a fair description in some sense, but it’s only because that’s where the data has led us. MONEY MOVES THE MARKETS! It ebbs and flows in surprising ways that conventional analysis just hasn’t grasped. Many of our concepts and indicators focus on discovering what is moving the market and in multiple timeframes.

Wolf on Wall Street is not about a specific trading system, in fact I have always felt there’s no one best way to approach the markets. It is vitally important to find what works for you! Unfortunately people tend to bounce from one system to another trying to follow “Gurus” only to find it doesn’t work for them, that’s because each of us is as unique as our finger prints. Our concepts are what I call “Fractal”, meaning they apply whether you are a day trader, a swing trader or a long term investor…across multiple timeframes and across multiple asset classes.

While a great deal of our posts, articles and live market updates are derived from our proprietary 3C indicator throughout the day, there are no substitutes for hard work. Part of what we do at Wolf on Wall Street is look at the entire market from bonds to credit, equities, the averages, currencies, futures, market breadth and much more to find the message of the market, that which the crowd missed. Technical Analysis has made decisions simple in many cases, but not necessarily the best informed as each of these markets has an influence on the others. Only looking at equities is like only looking at a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, you don’t get the most comprehensive picture nor the best probabilities

Our membership is diverse! From money managers to novices; from the Americas to Europe, Asia, Australia and beyond. Our intentions are not to try to sell you on anything, we have one subscription and that’s it! NO up-selling, NO “Additional service charges”, NO ulterior motives. I’ve taught Technical Analysis for the Palm Beach county school system’s adult education program for nearly 4 years, as you might imagine, I didn’t do it for the money. Read what our members say, I think you’ll find the theme is pretty consistent. We don’t make ridiculous claims that no one could live up to; 10 different traders could enter the same trade with 10 different results, that’s honesty. You’ll find no gurus here, you will find hard working life-long students of the market, unique analysis that you can apply to your own trading or investing style. We’ll pullback the covers on parts of the market you may never have imagined exisited! This is where Wolf on Wall Street has found numerous edges; the underbelly of the market that is opaque to others. If you are looking for gurus, there are plenty out there, you won’t find them here. What you will find at Wolf on Wall Street is honest, transparent analysis that is meant to take you from being one of the sheep of Wall Street cunningly led to the slaughter and transform you in to the wolf, to even the playing field. I’m dedicated to seeing my members be as successful as they can possibly be. Nothing gives me more joy than when members email me their success stories and I’m looking forward to hearing yours! Email me if you have any questions and I’m looking forward in seeing you join the WOLF PACK FAMILY!


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