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Weekend Video Update

Covering the general market action April into May, a few sector trend breaks, crude  oil. Also the highly unusual VIX-SPX 10-day correlation, as well as a review of the more significant 30-day VIX-SPX correlation. Internals Friday came in with a very strong 1-day overbought condition, probably the strongest since March 21st, 2019 – the very […]Read More »

Stock Market Update- Record Highs in stocks as yields fall.

For a slow day in equity markets, there are actually quite a few interesting developments today. Since not much happened in stocks I’m going to touch on the salient points, most of which started appearing Tuesday morning as the S&P and NASDAQ set out to make new highs. If you want a recap, here’s Tuesday […]Read More »

Weekend Video Update

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Stock Market Video Update for March 23, 2019

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Daily Wrap March 20, 2019 FOMC Update

As mentioned the last few days, FOMC days tend to see knee jerk reaction and it can take hours or days for them to settle. I’m just going to go with what we have. The S&P declined as much as -0.70% earlier today. Small Caps lost as much as -1.65% before prices stabilized ahead of […]Read More »

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