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Weekend Video Stock Market Update: The Return To Normal

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Sunday Brief

I hope everyone had a great and safe Memorial Day weekend. There wasn’t really much to add this weekend. The S&P ended the week almost exactly where it was last Monday morning at the EU close. Local beaches were opened for Memorial Day in my part of the country so I went to the beach […]Read More »

Stock Market Daily Wrap

The Deja Vu continues at the same level for the same reasons, euphoria over vaccine news, and with the same lack of follow through. SP-500 (30m) last time we were here was due to news about Gilead’s Remdesivir, which was positive news, but far from a game-changer. SP-500 (30m) since the Fed’s last stimulus program […]Read More »

Stock Market Video Update

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Daily Wrap

Index futures declined last night in the Asian session on news of a 2nd wave of infection in Wuhan, China banning Aussie beef, and Trump banning US pension fund investment in China, but index futures blew it off and advanced to open the cash session higher. You may have noticed most of the gains the […]Read More »

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