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Some Excerpts From Tonight's Subscriber's Post... Trouble Is Brewing For The Soft Landing

***These are “some” excerpts from tonight’s subscribers post.   All of the major indices closed lower and at or near their worst levels of the day on heavy volume. The first half of the day Mega cap losses were having an outsized impact on index performance while the “rest” of the market held up okay. […]Read More »

Market Analysis (Jan. 30, 2024) - Mega Caps Stating To Falter

*Below you’ll find the subscriber “Daily Wrap” nightly post for January 30th, 2024. Being we have the FOMC/Fed policy decision, I thought this was a great time for a broader market update. I hope you find it useful. Enjoy! There was not a lot of conviction on either side of the tape today with the Fed […]Read More »

Stock Market & Economic Forecast 2024 (Video Update)

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Weekend Update: Bull Trap Setting Up?

I was going to put out a video this weekend. I spent most of Sunday outlining the key points to cover on a Word document. I like to have an outline so I’m covering relevant information and not stumbling through a video. What I realized was that so much has happened the last month, and […]Read More »

Video: The Channel Buster

File this one away as a concept…Read More »

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