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Daily Wrap

There wasn’t much in the way of economic data, news, or tweets to move the market most of the day. Earnings and news effected individual stocks and S&P sectors, but not the broader market. The S&P spent five hours trading sideways today in a minuscule 0.2% price range. Watching price today was like watching the […]Read More »

Video Update: Analysis of the Stock Market

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Daily Wrap

Headlines have been just about all that have moved the market the past few weeks and this morning was no different. News of a draft Brexit deal two weeks ahead of the October deadline sent index futures higher before the open. The UK and EU announced a Brexit agreement, but enthusiasm was dialed back after […]Read More »

Daily Wrap

Monday’s are usually pretty dull. Today’s price action was even duller than normal and did nothing to alter the sell-the-news response in equities Friday afternoon as details of the phase-one trade deal emerged. With the bond market close today, the equity market was effectively on vacation as well. SP-500 (2m) Overnight reports in Chinese media […]Read More »

Daily Wrap - Bear Flags

Like yesterday, the market was up on more ridiculous trade-deal hope. Like yesterday, the market saw the bright side of a dark development after China took control of trade talks in declaring that a comprehensive deal won’t even be entertained, so the market celebrated the possibility that a partial trade deal could happen. The reported terms […]Read More »

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