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Weekend Market Update - A Dollar Dilemma?

The Week On the week the Dow (+3.8%) was the best of the major averages, outperforming the benchmark S&P +2.45%. NASDAQ 100 (+2.14%) performance was similar to the S&P, but NASDAQ’s participation was the weakest with the equal weighted index nearly half the gain at +1.2%. Small Caps +5.98% were best by far. They benefited […]Read More »

Daily Wrap

The S&P spent most of the day trading in the same narrow range from yesterday until the final two hours as the mega-caps lifted NASDAQ,  S&P and Dow. The five mega-cap stocks (Facebook +6.5%, Apple +3.5%, Amazon +0.6%, Alphabet +1.6% and Microsoft +1.6%) accounted for all of the S&P-500’s +0.65% gain, despite 54% of the […]Read More »

Stock Market Video Update - Bitcoin Rally

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Stock Market Video Update - Gold & Silver Rally

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Stock Market Daily Wrap for July 21, 2020

There were quite a few themes today, some realted, some unrelated, some contrasting or contradictory, some repetitive and just treading water in earnings season. One theme was the rotation of rotation (repetivie). Yesterday the mega-caps lifted the NASDAQ to an all-time new high, while every other sector that didn’t contain mega-caps closed lower. Today was […]Read More »

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