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Stock Market Video Update - Trade War Retrospective on the Charts

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Daily Wrap (Free)

The cash open looked nearly identical to the last two Fridays’ mark-up ramps run by professionals. Short squeezes were not a significant factor in this morning’s advance. The session began with all 11 S&P 500 sectors gaining ahead of President Trump’s lunchtime speech at the Economic Club of New York. Among many things, the president […]Read More »

Intraday Update

The averages are giving back more of the morning’s ramp gains. The Dow just retraced all and went into the red column. S&P has narrowed the gain to +0.15%, NASDAQ +0.2% and Small Caps +0.1%. Dow’s local support resistance this week is at 27,680 just about where it sits now. It seems the Chinese media […]Read More »

Stock Market Video Update - In a Trade Deal We Trust

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Daily Wrap

Wednesday’s lack of trade deal news was short-lived. In the overnight session China’s Commerce Ministry said it reached an agreement with the U.S. for both sides to phase out tariffs. There’s some ambiguity surrounding the translation, whether an agreement was reached, or whether this was China’s hope. China’s announcement was confirmed by an unnamed U.S. […]Read More »

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