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Stock Market Wrap November 19, 2020

In last night’s session Index futures consolidated yesterday afternoon’s losses in a small bearish flag type formation. Things got a little volatile overnight with S&P futures actually selling off on good vaccine news. Phase 2 vaccine trial data from the AstraZeneca (AZN +0.1%)/Oxford collaboration showed encouraging immune responses in older patients, but index futures dropped […]Read More »

Stock Market Video Update

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Daily Stock Market Wrap for Tuesday November 10th, 2020

A major divergence in market performance between value and growth/momentum continues for the second day. Small Caps (+1.85%) outperformed about as much as NASDAQ (-1.75%) underperformed, and S&P which is more diverse, is caught between the two. The rotation between style factors, sectors and stocks is a result of Pfizer’s vaccine announcement Monday. The rotation […]Read More »

Daily Wrap - Election Day Stock Market Update

Small Caps led the way higher for a second day, although the mega-caps did some early catching up and some afternoon stagnating. The U.S. Dollar pulling back fairly sharply was a major tailwind for stocks. Still, trade was exceptionally technical in nature. The bond market reflected a positive economic bias too with yields trading higher […]Read More »

Stock Market, Currencies, Commodities and Bitcoin Update

Another mixed day for stocks with mega-caps outperforming (the same way they started Monday morning), but the rest of the market was soft. SP-500 (2m) and mega-cap FANG stocks strong Monday morning, then dumped, and strong this morning and the rest of the day. Understandably, NASDAQ-100 outperformed the other major averages… Since Monday’s low (1m) […]Read More »

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